Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

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Engine Oil – Due to oil contamination caused by gasoline and moisture residue from the combustion process, changing your oil and filter often removes these contaminates, thus prolonging your engine life.

Coolant – Anti-freeze contains chemicals that fight corrosion and supply seals with conditioners. These chemicals deplete over time, so flushing and changing anti-freeze can help prevent head gasket problems and other cooling system failures.

Fluids – Transmission, power steering and brake fluids are consistently moving within the components.

Fuel Injection Service – Over time carbon deposits accumulate in fuel injectors and in the combustion chamber. Periodic flushing of the components removes these harmful deposits improving vehicle fuel economy and engine performance.


Interior Cabin Filter – Replace annually, more often with heavy airborne contaminates or whenever heating or cooling efficiency is reduced.

Fuel Filter – The fuel filter is important in keeping the fuel delivery system working properly. Dirty filters can cause extra wear on fuel pumps and injectors causing failure.


Oxygen Sensor – The oxygen sensor is an input sensor for the vehicle computer system. It tells the computer if the engine is running rich or lean and continually corrects the mixture being delivered to the engine. If contaminated it can rob your engine of performance and fuel economy.

Drive Belts & Hoses – Belts will usually show signs of cracking or fraying requiring replacement. Hoses may look and feel good but go bad from the inside out, so looks aren’t everything.

Timing Belt – The timing belt controls critical interference timing between major engine components. If the belt breaks it can cause major engine damage. While the replacement costs can be expensive it is a small price to pay to prevent a breakdown.

Recommended Service Intervals

Auto Check Cinco Ranch recommends the following routine maintenance service intervals be performed to ensure your vehicle remains in top running condition.

Lube Oil Filter Change3,000 Miles

Rotate Tires6,000 Miles

Balance Tires12,000 Miles

Alignment12Months/12,000 Miles

Air Filter12,000 Miles

Cabin Air Filter12,000 Miles

Fuel Filter12,000 Miles

Coolant Flush

    Extended Life System60,000 Miles

    Green Coolant30,000 Miles

Transmission Flush/Service

    Automatic Trans30,000 Miles

    Manual Trans30,000 Miles

Replace Hoses/Belts3 Years/40,000 Miles

Injector Flush12 Months/18,000 Miles

Power Steer System Flush30,000 Miles

Brake System Flush30,000 Miles

Differential Service60,000 Miles